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Learn how you can streamline the audit process, centralize evidence collection, standardize compliance requests, and improve productivity with the help of technology on your next PCI DSS audit.

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By the Numbers

Keeping on track for PCI DSS compliance can be a challenge. It's no surprise that only 27.9% of organizations were fully compliant with PCI DSS during their "interim compliance validation" in 2019, despite the best of efforts.

To help manage all of the PCI DSS requirements and their requisite timeframe, we've broken them down into bite-sized reminders for trigger-based events, timeouts, recurring tasks, and retention timeframes - so that you can remain fully PCI DSS compliant.


The Fastest Way to Complete Your PCI Assessment

Developed by industry experts. Inspired by our clients. Designed to meet your audit needs. A-SCEND provides end-to-end compliance management by collecting the evidence needed throughout the audit process - from readiness to report - and eliminating the need to purchase stand-alone readiness software.

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