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HITRUST is easier with A-LIGN 

Find out why A-LIGN has over 350 completed HITRUST engagements.

Audits are easier with experience. 

Starting your first HITRUST assessment? A-LIGN has helped guide the way for HITRUST certification since 2017.


100% successful certification rate.

Join hundreds of clients who have experienced HITRUST certification success with A-LIGN. 


Multiple audits? No problem.

You can consolidate multiple audits within the HITRUST framework thanks to our single-provider audit solutions.


Meet our HITRUST Team:

Blaise Wabo


Blaise is an Associate Director at A-LIGN focused on performing HITRUST Certifications, SOC 1 and SOC 2 examinations and HIPAA assessments in various industries such as Healthcare, Software & Technology, Insurance, Finance and Manufacturing. Blaise is the SME for HITRUST at A-LIGN and served on the HITRUST Assessor Council. He has completed and managed over 300 HITRUST engagements and over 500 SOC examinations. As a thought leader, Blaise is the Healthcare Practice Lead and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Network Chair.

Shreesh Bhattarai


Shreesh is a Managing Consultant at A-LIGN focused on performing HITRUST Certifications, SOC 1 and SOC 2 examinations, and HIPAA assessments in industries such as Healthcare, Technology, Finance, and Insurance. Shreesh also serves as the subject matter expert for SOC2+HITRUST engagements at A-LIGN. He has completed and managed over 200 HITRUST engagements and over 300 SOC examinations.

Why choose A-LIGN? 

100% certification success rate 

HITRUST Assessor Council experience

Over 300 HITRUST engagements completed 

Make Compliance an Accomplishment, Not a Burden

From our team of expert assessors to our proprietary A-SCEND software platform, A-LIGN is poised to partner with your organization. Compliance and cybersecurity can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right partner, your organization can reach new heights on its journey toward the summit of compliance.

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