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Strategic Compliance and the Future of Business

Strategic compliance allows businesses to centralize and consolidate the audit process to complete multiple audits with a single certification provider.  

How much time is spent preparing for audits? What could your team achieve with a more efficient process? 

Now is the time to transform your organization with strategic compliance in order to deliver new efficiencies and allow your team the time to focus on dynamic digital transformation efforts.

In this guide, we will explore:

• Case Study: TIBCO’s strategic compliance ‘Center of Excellence’

• The hidden costs of tactical audits

• How to leverage strategic compliance as a competitive advantage

• A-LIGN’s four-step roadmap for achieving strategic compliance

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"I have one group that needs to comply with four different frameworks...think about how much work that is for them. I respect their time. I want them to be able to review one list to achieve compliance. A-LIGN makes it possible for TIBCO to fulfill all our needs with one deed."

Nora Pan, Vice President of Products & Technology Operations, Program Management, and Standards and Compliance, TIBCO Software Inc.

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